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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silk Winner

A lot of you wanted this piece, a total of 48 comments, although sewsincere and rosemarie refrained from entering, so the random numbers went from 1 to 46:

Which means: A SEWN WARDROBE is the winner, congratulations!!!

Please email me where to ship bjorum at mac dot com

Here are a couple of shots from the house on the beach in Laguna. I could sit on the patio and watch my DD run in and out of the ocean or dig for sand crabs... and the life guard was right beneath... Needless to say it was the most relaxing vacation I ever had since becoming a mom 17 years ago. Dolphins and whales, a giant tree growing into the house, nature is awesome.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Silk Giveaway

I told you :)

This piece has been in my stash for a year or more; a gorgeous European silk metallic constructed of two layers.
Two layers held together with gold metallic thread

The drape is wonderful yet it is perfect for more structured garments as well. I bought this to make a Chanel style suit, something inspired by Chanel's Spring '09 couture collection.

If you have a Pantone chart, the color is close to Pantone Winter White 11-0507 TPX or Cloud Cream 12-0804 TPX.

And that's why I'm giving it away. It has a warm tone which is a no-no for me. This is a generous 3 yards, 52" wide,  plenty to make a stunning outfit cause there's no matching involved. And, you could pair it with silk chiffon as it appears the Chanel suit above has done on the sleeves. I'd even insert silk charmeuse in the front slit on skirt :)
On the other hand, if you're unfamiliar with silk, this fabric is not difficult to work with and could be a great project for a basic suit or jacket, and it won't cost you a dime :), well, almost. I'd still recommend you buy silk thread and silk lining...

The fabric can be used on both sides to create a design effect
If this is a color you can wear or you want to make something for someone special, leave me a comment on this post. I won't be back until August 22 so let's make the drawing Monday August 23.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Giveaway Winners

There were 40 comments but one was a double post and one was from a previous satisfied winner, Bunny, :) so the random number went from 1 to 38:



Congratulations to you both! Let me know where to ship. bjorum at mac dot com

And thank you everyone; I loved reading how magnifiers would aid you in the sewing room -and, like Melissa, how you could use them for other things as well. I use them when my little one gets a splinter or anything else that is tiny, just like the dermatologist wears a similar contraption during an examination. I wish you all could have one right this minute, but at least I'll keep giving them away, so don't despair! 

I also started thinking about something else I buy in bulk: SILK! I often buy it by the bolt; charmeuse. crepe, chiffon, organza... black or white. You know I like to dye, so the white is very handy :) But black is my favorite color and I use it constantly.

Any interest in a giveaway? Wish you had some silk for a project you've got lined up?

Magnifiers and silk; two items I cannot live without :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010


It's about time for another Magnifier Giveaway don't you think?

Save those precious eyes!

You have this fabric to thank, it inspired me to share the love :) 
Cutting/picking/threading black thread on black fabric is a lot easier when wearing magnifiers

I'm giving away two. Any country and continent, preferably on planet Earth :), just leave a comment on this post and you're in. Random drawing will be this Friday, August 6th.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Still Standing

I love NYC, I love Broadway. But I'm glad to be home.

The Balmain isn't done, but I did find SOME time to work on it. I also found time to SHOP... Our hotel was just a few blocks from the garment district, just dreamy. DH made friends with everyone at M & J Trimming, and also with the owner at Mood Fabrics, - we had to ship boxes home... Think it's a good thing we don't reside in NYC...

The weather was all over the place. Freezing (all the cashmere in the world couldn't keep me warm), and then a heatwave (95). DD returned from the Rockefeller Center ice rink stating she should have brought her bathing suit cause it had turned into a pool :))

And now I think it's time for a giveaway:

There were so many entries for the last magnifiers, so this time I'm giving away TWO :) All countries welcome as always.

Just leave me a comment on this post and I will add your name in the random drawing, to be done on Friday, April 23.

I hope to get back to sewing soon. It's been a long two months and DH and I will only get busier in the coming months, but I need it BAD in order to keep my sanity. I still need to unpack, though...

Friday, February 5, 2010

This pair of Magnifiers...

... will go to:
Please email me at bjorum at mac dot com.

You are all so deserving, thank you for telling me what you could use a pair of magnifiers for. I love reading those mini stories, it's like peeking into everyone's sewing room, and in one case; kitchen :)) I'm using mine for all sorts of things other than sewing:
excellent for removing splinters
checking your child's eye for stray eyelash or the likes
checking for lice- yikes! (so far so good though)
... and how about reading that fine print on all sorts of contracts :))... Not so fine anymore, that's for sure :))
More giveaways soon, maybe even while I'm in NYC. Nancy K, we should definitely try to get together as well. Grace, I'm not sure how much, if any, of April will be spent there, but I'll let you know.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Giveaway & Progress

It's only fitting that this giveaway will be the amazing MAGNIFIERS from FireMountainGems :))
First of all, several of you posted your wish for this- thank you to all who posted, and keep them coming, post your wishes for giveaway here.
Secondly, my pair- which I'm still wearing as I type- is now my best friend more than ever, guiding my tired eyes through the beading. I have also placed several additional pairs in my basket at FireMountain, so rest assured, you will have plenty of opportunity to win :))
This pair's drawing will be Friday, February 5th, so leave a comment on this post if you'd like to be included. All countries welcome :))

*And Nancy W asked a while back if you can wear your glasses with the magnifier:
Yes, absolutely!

Below are pictures of the progress. First up, the paper pattern is pinned on the shoulder and thread traced.

The shoulders traced. I changed the angle of the sides later, tracing another line, more like the chalk line you see in the picture.

Here's the outline beading, and also the two curved silver beads and some stones. It will be filled entirely with pearls and beads, but not until all the outlining is done.

I hope to get this done in time for New York, but that may well be wishful thinking... If I don't, then I'll bring it with me and sew the rest of the jacket by hand!! I'm running out of the octagon rhinestones I use for the outline, so I have to pick up another batch at Berger Beads today or tomorrow. Wish me luck :))


And also, something I had been meaning to answer about my Etro-esque coat: Yes, I think someone could possibly wear it with black, or golden tones, but that someone is not me. It's due to the colors in the coat: Every single one of them is wrong on me, so black draws the attention to that fact in a bad way, and golden tones are another big no-no for my coloring, so that's like putting bad on bad... White is the only way I can pull it off, and believe me, I wish it wasn't so.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kai giveaway

1. Janie said...

2. Dana said...

3. Bunny said...

4. Tamara said...

5. Cindy said...

6. Faye Lewis said...

7. Christina said...

8. Cisa said...

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28. Rose said...

29. Susan said...

30. Joyce in NC said...

31. Natalie said...

32. Ann's Fashion Studio said...

33. Mama Sewing said...

34. HeathersSphere said...

35. Me! said...

36. Kathi said...

37. jillnjosh said...

And the winner is Christina, Assorted Notions! Congratulations!

I am so happy to hear from so many new readers, and thank you everyone for your encouraging comments on the Balmain jacket.

I am going to NYC in February so I hope to have the jacket finished by then. There won't be any sewing going on during my stay of nearly 2 months, but maybe I'll write a few posts about the experience of MDQ on Broadway. If you happen to walk by the Nederlander Theater and have a camera ready, I'd love to see the outside- I heard the poster is already up :))

And there will be many more giveaways. It's a very selfish thing; I love them. It's wonderful to share with people who understand and appreciate the same things I do :)) I'd love to hear what's on top of your wish list. I'll do another Kai giveaway for sure, but what else would you just love to have?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainy Day Giveaway

What a weather! I actually stepped in a puddle, it's years and years since that happened to me...
As promised, here is another giveaway:

A brand new pair of Kai 7205, 8" Professional Shears.

I've had mine since November 2008 and adore them, so it's my duty to share the love :)) If you would like to be part of the drawing leave me a comment on this post. It looks like I'll have to go out of town next week so I'll do the Random Number Generator Sunday, January 24, that way I hopefully can get them shipped before I leave. There are no rules but it would be nice if you've left me a comment in the past or that you read my blog once in a while ;) International is of course welcome, and I'll pay for shipping.

And now, on a different subject and yet another promise I made...

Balmain shell on the scale,
1 lbs 14 1/4 oz

It's heavy, and it's just the shell. And it's been hanging on my mannequin for what seems like ages.
It's what happens when you let a project linger: The drive, the inspiration diminishes with every tick-tock... and there's been a whole bunch of tick-tocks. Let's see, I got the inspiration back in May 2009, did my first post on July 3rd, and last post on October 8th. The shell and front beading was done, and my nemesis, the sleeve was discussed.

You, my dear readers, have continued to nudge me, and, believe it or not, I'm grateful for that. So...

The sleeve is done; I'm completing all loose ends of backstay etc, and have decided not to fret about perfection. If I'm going to finish this before MJ becomes someone one has to to look up on Wikipedia, I will have to take the bull by the horn.

The sleeve is full length, cut on bias, and looks pretty good. The shoulders are not as wide as I initially settled on, but still wide enough to give that "cut edge", which is very flattering on someone with next-to-nothing waist, I look like I actually have a nice one!

I will set in the sleeve, but only partly, leaving the underarm seam open to facilitate the beading. Another trip downtown must be had very shortly to complete the jacket. But I'm on it, it will be completed. And I thank you.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

You won't believe this...

... But it is the truth nonetheless- if there's ONE thing I want friends (and foes) to know about me, it's that I'm honest. I used the Random Number Generator, each participant was given a number based on the order of comments- I skipped over badmomgoodmom since she opted out.
And the winner is... Cidell! The self professed buckle/belt kit hoarder :)) You won it fair and square, Cidell, so don't come and tell me you shouldn't have. And for all my readers, there will be more of the same in the very near future, obviously there's a need for this kit and if I was a better organizer I'd contact the manufacturer and urge them to become a sponsor on Pattern Review or something.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Belt & Buckle Kit

They're baaack!

The belt and buckle kit is now being manufactured by a company called Maxant, right here in the US. I bought a stand-alone buckle kit as well which I will use for youngest daughter's coat. International Silks and Woolens carry them in 4 sizes but 2 were out of stock, so they promised to call me when they arrive.

It's not a big thing to give away, but I thought some of you may have a hard time finding it, so:
Leave a message if you would like to be included in the drawing of this belt and buckle kit (The one on the right in the picture.) It has good instructions on the back, and I'll take pictures of the assembly of the buckle- it looks pretty straight forward; adhesive backing with exact cutout and slits to the corners. I'll pay for shipping, and let's make the drawing Thursday January 7th.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Someone Just Got Lucky :))

I used Math Goodies Custom Random Number Generator by assigning everyone a number according to their comment (thank you Lindsay) :
2. Lindsay 
3. Lori
4. Ann
6. Anne
(Grace asked not to be included)
And here's a screenshot of the result:

So it's 1: Vicky! Congratulations, you can contact me at your convenience; bjorum at mac dot com.
Thank you everyone for participating, I'll probably do this particular giveaway again soon since it's for an important cause. We need to do our share to keep people like Warren and Jan in business.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A-1 Pleating Co.

I just returned from A-1 Pleating Co. in its new location. Warren's new shop- like his old, is located in the alley behind W. Third Street. And again, he occupies that "Harry Potter" space, this time 8318 1/4- just love those fraction numbers :)) We spent some time chatting and he's a wealth of information. I'm encouraging him to put up a website and he's promising to do so.
Here's his new address:
A-1 Pleating Co.
8318 1/4 W. Third Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90048
Warren's cell: 213 674-4555

Warren in front of the driveway entrance

The tiny space is still in a state of "we just moved", with everything stacked on tables and leaning against the walls.
The main entrance

Jan and Warren

It was so nice to see Warren and his assistant, Jan, again. Warren has been in business since the early sixties and may be the only one left who provides some of these services, like the custom belts and buttons. He has clients from New York, which tells me that this is indeed a dying specialty. He told me that when he first came out to Los Angeles, the downtown garment district was full of shops like his...  and now, not a single one is left :(

I promised to spread the word and I'm more than happy to do so. His work is so first rate that even the most finicky customer won't find a thing to complain about :))

I ordered my belt and buttons and they will be done next week. So while I wait...
It's a good time for a giveaway!

This time I'm giving away Warren's services :)) This is your chance to have that fabulous custom belt made to go with your suit/coat/dress/skirt/pants, or, custom buttons (I'm having mine made with the fabric and an insert), or pleats! Any pleat you need- go check your patterns, or look for inspiration on the web. But don't forget to leave me a comment first :))

There are two rules: 
1. You have to post a review of A-1 Pleating Co. on Pattern Review after you receive your item, and 
2. You must have left me a comment in the last 6 months.
All my overseas friends are of course included as always!
I will do the drawing at the end of the week. And I'd love to use the "random" tool some of you used in your drawings, please let me know where I find that one :)) 

Here are my reviews where I used his services:
BWOF 09-2007-122 Blouse-Jacket (Wish I had a better picture of the belt but DD has taken the entire suit to boarding school!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Did I ever have fun today! I spent more than two hours shopping at F & S. And I wasn't shopping for me, oh no!! I was shopping for glorious Lori :)) It will be a surprise for her- and all of you as well. All I will say is it is delicious!
Lori: I have to do something before I ship, so please wait a few days :))

I really need to do more giveaways- I love them!


And I'd like to thank Cennetta of The Mahogany Stylist for nominating me for the Kreativ Blog award. Thank you, Cennetta!


Cindy: yes they are flamingo stockings :)) Ever since we spent a month and a half in Daytona Beach putting up a show, we've been dreaming about moving to Florida. We even have flamingos in the yard :)))


Now, back to the plaid jacket I'm making:

Erica B. wrote a post today- maybe her shortest post ever ? :)) Check it out if you haven't already. I'm a wimp when it comes to SO MANY THINGS! I hate roller coasters,  I can't stand being cold, my head can absolutely NOT get under water, and if water gets in my eyes it hurts like acid - what's with that??? Anywho, that was the SHORT list and I won't bore you with stuff like that :)
But there's ONE thing that's not on that list: Sewing. I'm absolutely fearless and I how no clue how that happened. All I know is that I'm passionate about it. Maybe that's the secret: passion = fearlessness.

This started out as a simple project. But it's not any more. If you want plaid to match up, it's not going to be a simple project, period. And as soon as I figured as much, the rest of the project took on a life of its own. The lining will have piped seams in contrast (fuchsia), all the buttons will be different, and I think I'll embroider my logo and add a chain to the neck like Erica B. did on her recent jacket.

As you will see below, the neck facing is the only place where I had my head on backwards :)) I completely forgot to cut to match the back. And the pocket bags... all I can say is I didn't have the lining fabric when I did them :)) A little bit of bubble gum for breakfast, maybe... :))

Saturday, January 24, 2009

And the Fabric Goes To...

Yes, Lori of Girls in the Garden guessed it right: It's BWOF 01-2009-114 B. This is quite complex with all the plaid matching, so LOTS AND LOTS of hand basting. Lori, you don't have to use this particular pattern, but if you do, I saw some gorgeous plaids down at F & S :)) We'll get in communication so you can tell me what to look for.

And this is something utterly unrelated and I have no idea why it struck me as fit to post. This photo showed up as I loaded my iPhone to the computer. It's taken during Christmas. DD found an old costume her older sister used while in 5th grade,  playing George Reed. :))

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some Juicy Details

Just a couple of shots so I can do a review. Thanks for all your lovely comments. This was a successful project and I'm grateful for that considering the PRICE of this fabric!

I'm now making a jacket (and probably a skirt) for me-myself-I, and will post shortly. Nothing complex though it has a few tricks (welt pockets and bias contrast bands). The first one to correctly name the BWOF pattern I'm using will get a nice surprise: Fabric for a jacket from F & S of her/his? (lol) choice within reason of course- they do have some stuff way past the 500/yd mark :) And Nancy, you're not eligible cause you already know :))

I'll go by the same rule as Cidell did in her recent giveaway: You must have commented on my blog at least once, and you must promise to make this jacket within the year 2009. I will pay for the shipping as well- even to Australia :))

Okay, if you bothered to read this far, forget about the coat pictures and go check your BWOF mags. :))

Monday, October 27, 2008

And we have a name...

Rosanne of She's Sew Unusual. Congratulations! You can email me shipping info at bjorum AT mac dot com.

Wish I had more of this to go around as all of you are so deserving. Maybe now I won't over-think when I see some fabulous fabric, just grab it. Living five minutes away from F & S Fabrics has it rewards :)) It's good to know so many share my taste, because fabric shopping is the only kind I truly love, and you've all given me the perfect excuse- thank you! :))

Cat And A Hat

Inspector Thumbelina

It's Monday October 27 and I'm as eager as anyone to find out who will receive a big package in the mail soon :)) I've written everyone's name on the same size/type paper. Those who know me will attest to the fact that I'm fair to the point of over-kill. Maybe that's why I don't gamble... As I write this I yet do not know  who's name will be pulled from the hat, and just want to thank all of you for visiting my blog. Like I pointed out last time, I do not have a huge amount of stash, but I think the idea of matching fabric/person is a good one so I will continue to do this when the opportunity presents itself.
And now I will ask my assistant to pull (that will be my husband, presently on the phone as usual)...
Stay tuned :))

Monday, October 20, 2008

Need Boucle?

5 yards/60 wide to be exact, and in one piece. It's gorgeous... coral pink, flesh, off-white, tan, gray, gold metallic... and deep, dark brown. That's right. Brown.

I bought it on Ebay and the description said Black. I don't wear brown. I like brown, just don't have anything in my wardrobe... shoes, tops, purses, belts you name it... Everything goes with black. It was advertised as a Chanel fabric, but who knows if that is true or not. To me it didn't matter, I just like it and it has the 'look' of Chanel. I think the content is mostly wool. It needs a dry cleaning cause it has a slightly musty smell as if it had been stored away for a while. 

This fantastic piece (which I originally planned to use for my Chanel jacket) needs to find a new home. I had thought to make a long, Chanel-esque coat- think it would look stunning and the yardage is there, but a suit would be fab of course.

If you like Chanel and the colors suit your taste/style/preference, let me know, and I'll pay the shipping as well. I'm just not a stash-kinda-girl and would rather have it out of my home and into yours if you really want to make something out of it. If more than one would like it I'll draw from a hat :)) Let's make the deadline Sunday October 26, and I'll post on Monday October 27.

And thank you for all the well-wishes on "Million Dollar Quartet". It's going strong with sold-out houses, and moves to the Apollo on October 31. We also had our very first preview of "Baby It's You", at the Coast Playhouse in West Hollywood yesterday. A fantastic experience. My little DD is now singing Shirelles day and night, with a few Chuck Jackson and The Isley Brothers thrown in for good measure...

Our girls, from left to right...
Berlando Drake, Crystal Starr Knighton, Natalie Wachen, Paulette Ivory