Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hollywood Bling-Bling

All girls love some bling (myself included) and DD got a good dose of it yesterday. These two pieces came together very quickly and that's good cause I want to get going on a jacket I'm planning. More on that later.

Hollywood Glamour Blouse

This was made by sewing the dupioni and sequins as one. I washed the silk first so it's soft and enclosed all seams. It's best worn layered due to the structure.
Here's the link to the sequined fabric (the dupioni color sold out I think)

Second up: BWOF 05-2008-137
Disco Shorts

These were requested by DD upon seeing the fabric and I think she showed great innovation here. It's a knit metallic, very soft with great drape. It doesn't stretch much though, which is a bit misleading on Fabric.com's website. I had originally bought it for a skating outfit but don't think it would work unless you only use it for details like a skirt or part of the bodice.

Photo shoots are so fun when I'm behind the camera :)) I need to sew for her more cause she just loves modeling for me! I'll share some more shots before heading over to post the reviews. I'm entering the contest on PatternReview which I actually hadn't planned on doing. But then I read the reason for having this contest: To encourage those of us who sew for children to post reviews. I so agree with that, and I'm guilty of not doing it too often. Btw, thank you Trena for managing the contest. I used your slapdash philosophy on the blouse as you will see on the crooked lines inside :))

Love these buttons from F & S Fabrics

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson

I got the news while grocery shopping. DH called me. That's life; trivial meets momentous. Driving home, as helicopters hovered overhead, I suddenly realized he had taken his last breath just a few blocks away from me. That's life in LA; Star buses on sightseeing every day of the year. Guess the tourists got their monies worth this time.

I never met Michael Jackson. Like millions of others, I came of age listening and dancing to his music. Far away in a cold country where daytime darkness transformed the large window into a mirror, I lost myself to the beat, feeling every move as if my cells could duplicate his intentions. I never idolized him, just reveled in his enormous talent.

Regardless of what comes out about his life, this is the bottom line for me:
His music, his dance, came from the heart.

RIP Michael, I'm forever grateful.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Savile Row than Hugh Hefner

And that's a good thing :)) My dad turns 80 on June 24 and this Dressing Gown will be my gift. It's been a wonderful trip down memory lane this past week as I locked myself in my room to sew. He's been an extraordinary father and I have learned so much from him. It's also bittersweet; just a few days ago he called to tell me he had sold our summer house...

It was too much maintenance to keep up with and I can't blame him. The winters in Norway are harsh so every year painting and other fixes has to be dealt with. And of course the boats. The house is on an island which makes it even more complicated. But it sure is spectacular and I bet the new owners will adore it as well.

My dad is a traditional, conservative man, very well traveled, who speaks the Queen's English :)) I chose to add his initials to a chest pocket, which I made by scanning the patch pocket and downsizing to 60%. I used silk thread since I didn't have the deep blue in the rayon, but I actually like it; works well with the fabric.

And the fabric: Lush woven cashmere with silk charmeuse lining and piping. Below is a picture of the embroidery on left facing:
To my
dear father
From Birgitte

Here is a mini tut on making lined patched pockets with curved corners:

And this is the pattern I used, vintage Simplicity from eBay :)) I really like the Raglan sleeves, they are so well drafted. I added the lining and used a lightweight hair canvas in the hem.
It will ship tomorrow and I'm crossing my fingers it fits. Before I started this project I did a google search and found the below link that made me feel real good- the price I mean :))

Also; apologies for not leaving comments lately; I hope to make up for it soon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A comfortable silk tunic for summer :)) This is my very first one and all I can say is; what took me so long? BWOF 02-2209-110,  silk charmeuse from Thai Silks. I made a few alterations as you will see below, but it was pretty easy to make. 
Imogen, what do you think? 
(for anyone just visiting my blog; Imogen is an image consultant and her blog inspired me to try the empire style due to my H-shape [Rectangle])

Question for Imogen: I am an H, right? Vicky commented that she thought she was a pear and it turned out she's an X... I know the shirtwaist dress looks fine on me, but I'm wondering if it's due to the wide belt which almost reaches up to give an empire effect?

Okay, below are the pictures if you want to see the alterations/construction. I'm off to post a review. And I have more finished garments, jeez this backlog of reviews!! Shame on me :)) I'm also hurrying to make a cashmere robe for my dad who is turning 80. My dad and DH have birthdays 1 day apart... hmmm :))

And Anne; you are funny! Like you, English is not my first language, but that's beside the point. It's your thought process :)) Just love it so please keep on writing, here, there and everywhere :))

Monday, June 1, 2009

My New Waist ;)

Hello friends, just a quick post while I'm coming up for air. So much sewing going on so no time for blogging. Guess that's what happens when you work on several projects at once. DD  has now acquired quite a few new skating outfits and more are on the way. I hope to post pictures and write reviews eventually.
And for myself; it's all about Empire, and how I love thee!! It works magic on my waist-less self, how can I ever thank you enough, Imogen! I have finished one dress and the second is almost done. Then there will be reviews and pictures... sigh. I just dread taking those pictures, but I will I will. Promise. In the meantime, here's a glance at the styles and fabrics:
The turquoise is a Giorgio Armani stretch, absolutely unbeliveable. The color/shine/texture defies description. The print is a European silk charmeuse, also exquisite.

And Anne was wondering if my gray coat had become a UFO and was sleeping with her denim DKNY jacket... LOL, you're so funny, just love your writing. Now go finish that book will you!! My coat is done and hanging in my room where I can look at it and feel guilty that I didn't take any pictures and posted a review. I actually really like it, although, after reading that we rectangles should avoid all waist details, I'll probably never close that gorgeous belt. But, it's hanging on the side so I can pretend I can close it if I want to ;-) Ah the games we play...

And I will post a review. 

But the trashcan got a precious gift the other day; my vintage jacket. It was not meant to be. Marji asked me a while back (sorry I forgot to answer, Marji!) if it was the fabric or the color I wasn't thrilled with.
A bit of both I guess, but mostly the color. It was absolutely impossible to match as well, and it didn't look good with ANY OTHER color! It was also the wrong texture for the jacket; too crisp. I may try the suit again, but then I will alter the jacket and make it more shaped.
I did get a very nice email from NY Fashion Center Fabrics where they apologized for the long shipping time and gave me a discount on my next order. How did they know I was a bit, shall we say, unsatisfied? I didn't write or call them, so I'm very impressed. Which means I will be ordering from them again :))