Monday, June 1, 2009

My New Waist ;)

Hello friends, just a quick post while I'm coming up for air. So much sewing going on so no time for blogging. Guess that's what happens when you work on several projects at once. DD  has now acquired quite a few new skating outfits and more are on the way. I hope to post pictures and write reviews eventually.
And for myself; it's all about Empire, and how I love thee!! It works magic on my waist-less self, how can I ever thank you enough, Imogen! I have finished one dress and the second is almost done. Then there will be reviews and pictures... sigh. I just dread taking those pictures, but I will I will. Promise. In the meantime, here's a glance at the styles and fabrics:
The turquoise is a Giorgio Armani stretch, absolutely unbeliveable. The color/shine/texture defies description. The print is a European silk charmeuse, also exquisite.

And Anne was wondering if my gray coat had become a UFO and was sleeping with her denim DKNY jacket... LOL, you're so funny, just love your writing. Now go finish that book will you!! My coat is done and hanging in my room where I can look at it and feel guilty that I didn't take any pictures and posted a review. I actually really like it, although, after reading that we rectangles should avoid all waist details, I'll probably never close that gorgeous belt. But, it's hanging on the side so I can pretend I can close it if I want to ;-) Ah the games we play...

And I will post a review. 

But the trashcan got a precious gift the other day; my vintage jacket. It was not meant to be. Marji asked me a while back (sorry I forgot to answer, Marji!) if it was the fabric or the color I wasn't thrilled with.
A bit of both I guess, but mostly the color. It was absolutely impossible to match as well, and it didn't look good with ANY OTHER color! It was also the wrong texture for the jacket; too crisp. I may try the suit again, but then I will alter the jacket and make it more shaped.
I did get a very nice email from NY Fashion Center Fabrics where they apologized for the long shipping time and gave me a discount on my next order. How did they know I was a bit, shall we say, unsatisfied? I didn't write or call them, so I'm very impressed. Which means I will be ordering from them again :)) 


  1. Oh, Birgitte. I've loved that BWOF dress that you're doing in the Armani ever since I saw the pattern. This will look great on you. I think that color will be really good on you too. Schools out in a few days, so I'm hoping I can plan a trip down to escape the heat (Just an excuse, I just really want to see you!) Hope alls going well with family and the show! Can't wait to see the new dresses - and YES, you MUST take pictures

  2. Wow, I love both of those dresses. You've *got* to take pictures once they get done.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your dresses, I love both those patterns and hope to get more dresses in my wardrobe this summer.

  4. Please take pics, I am still waiting for my waist to arrive miraculously from somewhere....I love to see how others get around this issue.

  5. Can't wait to see your dresses! I loved both of those when the issues came out; perhaps you will inspire me to go back to last year.

  6. Remember in toy's story, kids toys get animated when humans are away. Well, I learned today that in my sewing closet, the one where everything is put away, well fabric, sewing notions and UFO's are a live when I leave the room. They even used my computer today and read your post. Yes, yes, yes, and my DKNY denim jacket told me I got back from work: "Ah ha, I am still a UFO when Birgitte's trench is already a garment to wear. Aren't you ashamed woman?"

    I jumped back a little, looked around to see if anyone was making a joke, I looked at my self in the mirror to see if I had become Joan of Arc (earring voices) , no no, my jacket was telling off!
    Bloody Lordy knight of the round table, I should finish that thing before it starts yelling at me while I am sewing. ;-) Story to be followed …

    As for the novel, believe me, I have no talent for writing though my short life has been a novel. If your DH is looking for a romantic and sad life story for a movie script send me an email ;-)) But, finishing that thing, don’t know. I sound funny in English because it is not my mother tongue and that I have this habit of not reading over what I write before sending it. Then I go back the day after to find, oh horror, all those stupid mistakes I make. I hope you all pardon me, I am a Frenchy who doez not know howz to zpeak Endglizh ;-) But in French, finishing a novel, I will meditate on this.

    Enough bla bla those dresses, oh la la this is serious stuff. Amazing, colorful and summery fabric, checked. Nice, feminine, flattering and head turning style checked. Fellow blogger or French blogueuse waiting for miracle to come on line, checked. I won’t sleep now, I have to see those finished… without forgetting the skating miracle.
    Can I get a ticket for exceeding the comment lenght limit ? I hope not

  7. I can't wait to see these, Birgitte. They seem to have a different feel from what you usually make.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the pics!

  9. Lovely fabrics and patterns! They will look gorgeous on you!

  10. Thanks for sharing Imogen with us! I have discovered new styles to try that I would have shied away from in the past.
    Gorgeous fabrics.

  11. You have been quite a busy lady. I look forward to seeing your dresses and the coat.