Friday, August 6, 2010

Giveaway Winners

There were 40 comments but one was a double post and one was from a previous satisfied winner, Bunny, :) so the random number went from 1 to 38:



Congratulations to you both! Let me know where to ship. bjorum at mac dot com

And thank you everyone; I loved reading how magnifiers would aid you in the sewing room -and, like Melissa, how you could use them for other things as well. I use them when my little one gets a splinter or anything else that is tiny, just like the dermatologist wears a similar contraption during an examination. I wish you all could have one right this minute, but at least I'll keep giving them away, so don't despair! 

I also started thinking about something else I buy in bulk: SILK! I often buy it by the bolt; charmeuse. crepe, chiffon, organza... black or white. You know I like to dye, so the white is very handy :) But black is my favorite color and I use it constantly.

Any interest in a giveaway? Wish you had some silk for a project you've got lined up?

Magnifiers and silk; two items I cannot live without :)


  1. Love silk, but don't use it much--I think the cost scares me off a bit. There is a great store--

  2. Congratulations to the winner of the magnifiers. I won a pair from Birgitte a while back and they have come in very handy indeed. Birgitte, where do you buy your silk?

  3. I'm just going to have to buy my own magnifiers! But thanks for the chance to win them!

  4. Yippee, I'm so excited to win a magnifier - thank you Birgitte!!!

    I have never used silk, I don't think it lends itself very well to my lifestyle (we live in the boonies). I would love to have a special top or dress made of silk someday tho.

  5. Silk? Are you kidding? I could never win enough silk. Love to sew on it and use it for lots of different sewing. I live in the boonies too, but still can have silk jammies, silk linings to a purse, and silk scarves. Count me a silk lover.

  6. You dear, dear person. Thank you! I am sending my name and address right after this post!

  7. Found this link and it looks like it would be fabulous in silk.