Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silk Winner

A lot of you wanted this piece, a total of 48 comments, although sewsincere and rosemarie refrained from entering, so the random numbers went from 1 to 46:

Which means: A SEWN WARDROBE is the winner, congratulations!!!

Please email me where to ship bjorum at mac dot com

Here are a couple of shots from the house on the beach in Laguna. I could sit on the patio and watch my DD run in and out of the ocean or dig for sand crabs... and the life guard was right beneath... Needless to say it was the most relaxing vacation I ever had since becoming a mom 17 years ago. Dolphins and whales, a giant tree growing into the house, nature is awesome.


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous view! I'm glad you had such a relaxing vacation.

  2. Oh your vacation sounds heavenly - lucky girl!

  3. B - Laguna is gorgeous, isn't it? I heading to your neck of the woods next weekend (actually Long Beach). Will PM you.

    Congrats to "A Sewn Wardrobe" for winning the fabric!

  4. How totally the tree. Makes the whole patio/porch so much more beautiful

  5. Laguna Beach is beautiful and it looks like you had a great spot. Glad you had a good vacation.

  6. Oh my goodness! I'm guessing that is going to be the happy place you go to in your mind from now on. Gorgeous!