Monday, April 6, 2009

A-1 Pleating Co.

I just returned from A-1 Pleating Co. in its new location. Warren's new shop- like his old, is located in the alley behind W. Third Street. And again, he occupies that "Harry Potter" space, this time 8318 1/4- just love those fraction numbers :)) We spent some time chatting and he's a wealth of information. I'm encouraging him to put up a website and he's promising to do so.
Here's his new address:
A-1 Pleating Co.
8318 1/4 W. Third Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90048
Warren's cell: 213 674-4555

Warren in front of the driveway entrance

The tiny space is still in a state of "we just moved", with everything stacked on tables and leaning against the walls.
The main entrance

Jan and Warren

It was so nice to see Warren and his assistant, Jan, again. Warren has been in business since the early sixties and may be the only one left who provides some of these services, like the custom belts and buttons. He has clients from New York, which tells me that this is indeed a dying specialty. He told me that when he first came out to Los Angeles, the downtown garment district was full of shops like his...  and now, not a single one is left :(

I promised to spread the word and I'm more than happy to do so. His work is so first rate that even the most finicky customer won't find a thing to complain about :))

I ordered my belt and buttons and they will be done next week. So while I wait...
It's a good time for a giveaway!

This time I'm giving away Warren's services :)) This is your chance to have that fabulous custom belt made to go with your suit/coat/dress/skirt/pants, or, custom buttons (I'm having mine made with the fabric and an insert), or pleats! Any pleat you need- go check your patterns, or look for inspiration on the web. But don't forget to leave me a comment first :))

There are two rules: 
1. You have to post a review of A-1 Pleating Co. on Pattern Review after you receive your item, and 
2. You must have left me a comment in the last 6 months.
All my overseas friends are of course included as always!
I will do the drawing at the end of the week. And I'd love to use the "random" tool some of you used in your drawings, please let me know where I find that one :)) 

Here are my reviews where I used his services:
BWOF 09-2007-122 Blouse-Jacket (Wish I had a better picture of the belt but DD has taken the entire suit to boarding school!)


  1. Here's a simple random number generator I've used:

    I love hearing about "lost" services like Warren's. Makes me so appreciate workmanship like his and that of the craftspeople of the garment district in NYC.

  2. What a wonderful service, oount me in.

  3. Your blouse/jacket and skirt are all beautiful. and WOW - what a "nice" gesture on your part...

  4. It is good to know this sort of thing is still available! I've always wanted to try the services of a pleater.

  5. I am not entering the contest, but I just want to thank you for getting the word out about treasures like Warren.

  6. I hope with all my heart that Warren will train enough people to ensure that his art will not disappear. Oh what a great metier. I had miss the original posting for you suit and blue skirt. The suit is at the same time modern and retro. The fabric, though it is synthetic, almost looks like light weight wool, like tasmanian wool. The blue skirt is a unique piece. The fabric is to die for. Wonderful art !

  7. Ooh, please count me in! I used to work in the garment district in Toronto and there will hundreds of little "hole in the wall" companies that did the most wonderful specialized things. We have suffered the same demise of such services here as well.

  8. Hi, I wanted to get in on your giveaway, but I had nothing to pleat. Thanks for your comment about my recent post.

  9. This is so great to know - thanks for sharing!!!