Friday, April 3, 2009

Do I Have Time?

... For vintage, that is. The contest on Pattern Review has already begun and I'm still working on my coat. I truly dislike starting another project before having completed the current one but I might just make an exception. I found these two patterns on Vintage Fashion Library and they arrived today. The one on the left is copyrighted 1930, and the one on the right 1958. It's an exclusive design for McCall's by Pierre Cardin. Just adore that collar!

As you will see below, the front and collar is one piece. Such a nifty little detail, me like nifty little details :)) Also love the art deco dress of course, perfect for my rectangle.

Here's the coat at the moment; one sleeve basted on, the lining stitched and waiting to be attached. I'm going to have Warren down at A 1 Pleating make the belt; he did a superb job with the pleats and belt on my first BWOF project. I may have him make buttons as well.
If you're ever in need of these kind of services, he takes orders across the country. You simply mail him the fabric with instructions and he sends it back when it's done. The work usually takes about 1 week. Here's the current address, he will be moving a few blocks down in a couple of weeks:
A 1 Pleating Custom Belts & Buttons
8426 1/2 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 653-5557

Thank you all for Happy Birthday's last week. She had a fantastic time, watching our show with good friend Iris (DD to Bad Mom Good Mom, Grace). The actors brought her up on stage in the end which made for one truly Happy Birthday :))


And another thank you for answering my question about the silk shantung fabric. Now I know that my previous thought about this fabric was wrong; that it's drapey and not crisp, like dupioni.


  1. Hummm, could your coat wait for you, just enough time so that you enter the contest ? Why not ! I love the Pierre Cardin pattern. You will make miracles with it. I could not see the collar that well on my screan. I remember my mother buying his RTW clothes when I was a child. Both patterns are great... with a special kick for the P.C. Thank you for the LBD suggestion. I love the V1108... may without the front bow ? Again, go for the vintage countest if you have time.

  2. DH ajusted my screen (in 30 seconds), the collar is fantastic.

  3. Your coat looks great. I especially love the pleated under collar and the sleeve hem.

  4. Absolutely love the details on that 1930 pattern! The shape of the skirt yoke is so fantastic.

  5. Oh, I forgot to say that the coat is a beauty.

  6. Your Vintage patterns are fantastic. Love the style of both :)
    Your jacket looks awesome!The details are beautiful.

  7. Your coat is looking fantastic - great details!
    I am taking your advice and am working on the Burda trench in the check fabric. It may or may not work but I am certainly giving it a go.

    The Pierre Cardin Suit is pretty fancy. Hope you work on that one.