Saturday, April 11, 2009

Someone Just Got Lucky :))

I used Math Goodies Custom Random Number Generator by assigning everyone a number according to their comment (thank you Lindsay) :
2. Lindsay 
3. Lori
4. Ann
6. Anne
(Grace asked not to be included)
And here's a screenshot of the result:

So it's 1: Vicky! Congratulations, you can contact me at your convenience; bjorum at mac dot com.
Thank you everyone for participating, I'll probably do this particular giveaway again soon since it's for an important cause. We need to do our share to keep people like Warren and Jan in business.


  1. Congratulations Vicky :)
    Birgitte this is so nice of you.

  2. How exciting!!!! Thankyou so much. You really are so generous. Will email you.

  3. Congratulations to Vicki! This was a generous giveaway Birgitte. Thank you for the opportunity.