Sunday, January 11, 2009

PR Friendship Quilt

Yesterday I realized I had planned to make a block for the PatternReview Friendship Quilt and that the due date is January 15th. Pushing the coat aside, I dug into my remnant pile and pulled out PR color ways. Gorgeous 4 ply silk and lace... As I was about to dig in I went back to PR just to double check the measurements, and what do I see? Only 100% quilting cotton need apply :(

I have recently thrown out nearly all fabric scraps, the only colored cotton I had left was purple. Oh well. I checked my Erte book for inspiration, scanned one of the images and digitized. I cheated big time: Embroidered first, then cut larger triangles and used Steam A Seam 1/4" to place them before stitching them down :)) 

It's not too late everyone; it needs to be postmarked by January 15th. We should celebrate the place that got us all together.

And check my last post regarding Million Dollar Quartet, the offer still stands :))


  1. Great job! My embroider is stitching mine out as I type, I hope it looks good so I can send it off and not start over.

  2. Birgitte - you are such an inspiration. Thankyou for your blog.
    I would love to take you up on the offer of Million Dollar Qartet. My husband, duaghter, niece and I are doing our first ever trip overseas and will pass through LA towards the end of June 2009.
    Linda - Western Australia

  3. Very cool block! Love the Erte embroidery.