Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Bogged Down In Details

Cause and effect: The jacket is Cause, I am the Effect!

It was bound to happen with so much detail involved. But it seems I'm encountering an unusual amount of not enough, not the right color, not the right size, etc. etc... And it's not just the trim. As I'm trying to duplicate- or somewhat duplicate- the shoulder pad from the Chanel video, just trying to track down real cotton wadding (or felt) took FOREVER. I think I got the right stuff on eBay, but it's not here yet so can't be sure. I'm thinking cotton wadding will be best because it needs to be in place, structured, and not susceptible to the weight of the trim or fabric.

And the cross: Here are tiny washers DH found at the lumberyard. The not enough comes into play here, so I'm hoping I get the same thing when the online order arrives. I also used snaps in different sizes.

I have to stop obsessing so much!!! Just make the jacket already!


  1. You are not obsessing, you just are careful with all parts of the design, that is what makes your garments so incredible.

  2. But where would the fun be in that? Just accept it will take time. It is going to be spectacular. As all your garments are :)

  3. Obsession makes for magnificence!

  4. Wow! I can't believe how well you've duplicated the look with this trim. Fantastic!
    And I've never heard of cotton wadding. Seems that a combination of wool felt/ batting (both easy to find) might work if the cotton is not what you need.

  5. If you sent me an email I can sent you some pictures of the shoulder pads I have so you can see what is inside