Friday, July 3, 2009

Knock- Knock...


Okay then.

I saw a picture in LA Times on May 17. Actually, DH saw it first :)) He's very savvy that man. Soooo, I've been collecting pictures and info. Turns out there was a lot of hoopla surrounding this jacket and the celebs that wore it. It sold out on Net a Porter within 24 hours (three total at a charming $14.000 a pop).

Then MJ passed away. A lot of people likened the jacket to his trademark style, which I get. But, it's also a lot more feminine. I found a blog where the guy (yes, another savvy man) keenly observed how the shoulder pads are shaped to give the illusion of the shoulders of a very waif-like woman (in other words; runway-skinny, anorexic shoulders.) A far cry from the eighties and "Dynasty".
The muslin is taking shape, I'm using BWOF 02-2008-105 as a start-off point. The sleeve/shoulder in the Balmain collection is quite unique; here's another of his jackets on Rhianna:

I'm studying the trim as much as I can from the pictures.

Edited to add link to close-up of trim:

Looks like pearls, rhinestones and some kind of gemstone like onyx. There's also a silver chain within the twisted pearls. And a bunch of something resembling washers! I'm not sure how close I will get to all this but I'm giving it my best shot.

If you have some suggestions for the trim, I'm all ears. I can't seem to locate the silver colored tiny pearl trim you can see next to the crystals, and also those crystal-encrusted curved thingies that lie over the black gemstones. Planning to go to the hardware store to look at washers, but they may just be too heavy.

I got some superb double crepe wool which I think will work perfect. It's heavy enough yet has a natural give, which is good due to the close-fitted design. I'm using a stretch charmeuse for lining.


  1. Yes! I have been hoping someone would make a Balmain. It will be stunning! Double crepe is a great choice,finding trim will be the true adventure. Wonderful!

  2. If anyone can make a good replica of this jacket, it's you. Good Luck. I can't wait to see how it turns out .

  3. OMG! This is SO SO YOU! If anyone can pull this off, it will be you! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  4. Ditto! You are the one to pull this off beautifully. Please keep us posted on your trim search. Such fun!

  5. I can't wait to see what you make! I know it's a pain to do a tutorial on your blog, but if you could include some photos of the making of the shoulder pad, I would love to see them

    For the silver pearls, you might want to look at drain chains at the hardware store.

  6. Wow! This will be impressive.

  7. Oh yeah, I like what I see....
    Super sexy.

  8. Thanks for the closeup on the trim :) I just traced out a biker jacket pattern too!

  9. Are you actually going to finish this by July 31st! That is a hot, ambitious project that you are totally up for!

  10. I have wondered how the shoulders on these jackets are done, so I hope that you will share your process with us. It is definitely you and even better without the astronomical price tag.

  11. For July 31st!!!!!!!!!!! Hello Dr Preventothersfromgettingexhausted ! -- This is Anne from Montreal, yes, I have a case of a talented woman who is starting an wonderful, but yet exhausting sewing project. I am afraid that with all her other responsibilities it might be a bit ambitious to say the least ;-) -- Where does she live ? -- in LA Dr ... -- Oh I see, you tell me that she lives in a city that never sleeps... so you think this is normal for them. Oh well.... and you think I should adapt my perception of people's life style since not all of us leave in hybernation land. Ohh Ok, I still have pils for that in my freezer. Thank you for your time Dr, but still! clunk (noise made by the phone receptor) ;-) OH la la banana you are the most amazing petites mains in the world. Just beat it then ;-) If you need bags of night time sewing energy, I will FedEx 2 or 3 in your direction. I have a some in reserve. Would high quality home dec passementrie be an option for some parts of the front loops? Wonderful project. I love Balmain as I once said on your blog.

  12. I know this is late into the mix. For the epaulet trim, it looks like it might be jewelry spacer beads, like these from Darice.
    image of spacer beads alone:
    I'm pretty sure Blue Moon makes them, too, but I couldn't find a good image on the Blue Moon site.