Monday, April 28, 2008

"Sabrina" Dress, Part 3

The dress is put together, zipper, hook and all :) Now its Lace-Time. Just finishing stitching on the upper border.

Here's the bodice pattern.

I underlined it with organza and stitched it to the lining as shown below.

Here's the finished petticoat before it's attached to the skirt at the waist. Marji asked if I attached the netting to the lining at hem: No, I attached the crinoline fabric to the lining at them. The word Crinoline is confusing to me. From what I understand it can mean two things; the finished petticoat, or, the fabric. In my case I use the word to describe the fabric I used on the bottom of the lining. That's what they called it at F & S Fabrics.

An up close of the back.

DD is staying a few more days so I'm hopeful I get a good photo of her wearing it. She found a super adorable pair of shoes at Nordstrom.
And off topic: Boy is it hot in LA,  91 F!! Not complaining, just amazed.


  1. Wow! The dress is looking beau-ti-ful!

  2. I'm just loving following the construction on this dress.
    Hope you do get a picture on your daughter.
    It's lovely!

  3. Omigosh, this is a to-die-for dress. Yes, please get a photo of DD in it.

  4. Gorgeous, this dress is just gorgeous!!!

  5. This is looking so beautiful. I do hope you get that photo of DD in it...with the shoes!