Monday, April 7, 2008

One done, five more to go.

The most boring part is copying the pattern to the fabric. Wish I could come up with a speedier way. I'm using a pencil to trace over the pattern, can you spell t-e-d-i-o-u-s... :-(  But I'll be great at basting after this... always look at the bright side.
The pattern is repeated 4 times in each direction, and the finished piece measures 8" long and 6-7" wide (depending on how tight I pull it in.)

I starch the fabric until it behaves almost like paper. I just wonder, if I were to smock on a firm weave fabric (like the author did, using muslin), how would I copy the pattern? Hmm, yet another thing to ponder as I baste away.


  1. GOODNESS! That is going to be GORGEOUS!

  2. Oh my, this is breathtaking.
    I want to come over and watch. I want to know more about this process.
    I had my own adventure with smocking last year, after not having smocked since my now-adult children were infants. But it was Nothing like this!

  3. Wow. Is smocking something you can do while watching TV or helping kids with homework, or do you need to have absolute concentration? I'm in awe of your work.

  4. It's possible to trace through light-colored muslin. Quilter's do that often.

    To trace through darker fabrics, I draw the pattern on tracing paper and tape it to the bottom of my acrylic sewing table (the one that fits around my sewing machine bed for machine quilting).

    Then I put a flourescent light from the hardware store (the flat kind meant to mount under cabinets).

    Lay your fabric on top and trace away with a white chalk pencil.

  5. That is absolutely gorgeous! I haven't made a smocked piece in quite some time, but it's really fun watching it progress.

  6. Oh I want to come watch too! I must have been very busy lately because at first I just had to look at your photos in awe before I really began to figure out what was going on. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! I have that book too, although I haven't tried that technique yet. I pulled it out last year after several people were inspired by Bottega Veneta (see Marji above, and Claudine at but never got beyond inspiration stage. I can't wait to see how it evolves.

  7. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog...
    I'm amazed by this smocking work! I love the result. I don't know about tedious but you can surely spell fastidious and neat ;o)