Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Sabrina" Dress, Part 1

DD  requested this dress... Thankfully she also asked me to put my own "spin" on it :-) A good thing, since I haven't had time to watch the movie again, and there's not much info on the internet. Think it's made of silk satin, but at $50/yard, I said 'NOT'! I'm using silk taffeta, here's a link to my old blog and the fabric . She did request the dress be longer, so I'm cutting the skirt 32".
She's coming home tomorrow for a surprise visit from boarding school, so I'm trying to get as much done as possible before I fit it on her. I made a muslin on her a month ago, but there's nothing like having the 'real thing' fitted, is there ?!

The time consuming deal here is the petticoat (especially with two rambunctious kittens forever present... )I bought 10 yards of 45" wide stiff netting, 32 yards of 1/4" double folded bias binding, 3 yards of lining, and 1 1/2 yards of crinoline. Below shows how I cut the netting: I divided the 10 yards into 3 equal 10 yard strips. I used a masking tape on the table, and that made it pretty easy to get sort of accurate. I attached two of the strips to make one 20 yard loop.

Then I attached the binding to one edge of this loop.

I marked the loop into 8 equal sections and machine basted between each, leaving loose threads at each start and stop. Then I used 6 yards of the remainder 10 yard section, marked this one also into 8 sections, and then gathered and attached them by machine, section by section. I finished the raw edge with a 3 thread wide on the serger.

Here you can see what 26 yards of netting looks like, pretty neat I think :-) The crinoline is attached to the lining at both the hem and the top, it reaches up 11". Finished the lining hem with bias as well. I'm now in the process of cutting the dress skirt, and will finish the petticoat afterwards... need to see how puffy I want it near the waist. Contemplating where the lace should go as well. I like to "see" it as I go along.

Should I use silk organza underlining? Thoughts on that anyone??...

This dress is fun- so nice to have a dainty young woman to sew for :-) 25" waist- I wish, oh I wish...

If you haven't visited Marji yet, please do so. She had a terrible accident and needs all our support for a quick recovery.

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  1. Where will your DD wear the dress? It will be spectacular. And I am sure your waist is not much more than 25" :))