Monday, November 30, 2009

Top- Skirt- Coat

Well, the coat still needs buttons. The top is another tunic, using BWOF pattern 02-2009-110.

This fabric was gifted to me by none other than Richard, the owner of F & S Fabrics. Think I could possibly be one of his best customers? :)) He is a sweetheart, like everyone at that store. Love them all. It is a silk charmeuse printed in panels and no one could quite figure out how to put it together. The panels had words printed next to them, like "Tie band", "Front", etc. but no directions, or a picture of the garment came with the bolt. It was a little tricky to get the layout right, and I had to patch one sleeve at the bottom, and also take in the front pleat by 3".



Next up, the Big Bird skirt :)) I bought this last year as part of the mini wardrobe plan. That plan ended up a mini-mini-plan, I never got around to the skirt...
But I always liked the fun fabric so I took the easy route and made it as a simple pencil skirt, the same pattern I used for the Gucci knockoff: 07-2008-127. I lined it with silk charmeuse... what else, right! I also made this skirt in leftover houndstooth, the same fabric I used for the Chanel trim. Maybe I'll get a picture of that later; it's more of a mini cause I had very little left. But I'm thinking that the tunic would be a wild pairing with that skirt- notice the dash of houndstooth in the silk print ;)

DH just brought me buttons for the coat so I'll finish that off tonight I hope. It's a simple loose coat, nothing special. But it's warm, and that is something I can appreciate right now. When we go to Pasadena in the evening it's really cold, at least for LA, it's in the forties sometimes.

The coat I'm planning to make (as I mentioned in the last post) is a designer (forgot which one) ottoman, really interesting pattern, and not something I ordinarily would pick. But gotta be wild occasionally :)) And yes; the pattern drawing is missing a bust dart- what's with that?...

And I know, I know... several of you keep nudging me to complete the Balmain... And I will. I have to attack the sleeve; my nemesis. That's what's holding me back, just for now. Promise. It will need my full attention, and that's not possible at present. Right now I keep sewing because it's keeps me sane (and I like some new clothes to wear :)


  1. I love that silk charmeuse! Lucky, lucky, you... and well done with the pattern placement. It turned into a beautiful tunic!

  2. Love the tunic. The fabric is like a contemporary italian mural-in silk no less.

  3. Funny I've just bought some silk charmeuse from Hong Kong and was considering using this pattern, but longer into a dress length. You fabric is exceptionally nice.

  4. This is really an exceptional tunic. It is so much better than the original. I never know how to use panels either and this is very creative. Is the houndstooth part of the fabric? It's gorgeous.

  5. Really beautiful tunic, Birgitte. That is a stunning charmeuse and you used it to its best advantage.

  6. Incredible tunic. The fabric is a show stopper. I love the bow at the back.

  7. Awesome fabric! The tunic looks stunning!

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  9. What fabric did you use for the white skirt pictured above?

    Just found your site last night, you are amazing!