Monday, September 21, 2009

Neck Froth

What do you call this? A scarf, a neck muffler...?

When I saw Chanel's delicious neck ornamentation, a frothy cappuccino was what popped in my mind. And of course, I had to have it. It will be for DD to wear with her almost-finished jacket :)) After visiting all the usual suspects without any luck, I bought some off white silk chiffon and took it down to Warren and Jan at A-1 Pleating. Btw, Warren worked as head of the costume department at the Pasadena Playhouse in the sixties! Needless to say he's pretty excited about our show going there. And he and Jan will be at the opening party :))

These are tiny pleats, I forgot to ask what they're called. As you can see the fabric is sandwiched between two layers of brown paper. I didn't want to take it out until I'm ready to go to work, just a tiny peek and it looks super.

And Vicky; I'm waiting.... :)) Maybe you want a cappuccino too :))

I'm also planning on making separate cuffs. A bit a urban chic; when she takes off the jacket she'll have a sleeveless silk top with cuffs :))

And thank you for all the thoughts on the sleeve.

Nancy K, I remove most of the ease, usually by slashing and overlapping. In this case, the sleeve has the added third seam from top of shoulder straight down the grain which is where the majority of the ease got eliminated. Then I drape it on to make it fit and also match the pattern in the fabric. The armhole was changed first, scooping out in front. This must be done when you try on the muslin; test by reaching the arm forward and draw a line where the arm and body meets, then adjust to make a pleasing, yet functional, seam.

Gry, that's it; three variables in the sleeve and only two measurements from the armhole, it's bound to be tricky!

But I think I solved it - at least for this jacket. The sleeves are done and ready to be attached by hand. I think DD will look very cute in this jacket, and they have dress-up Fridays every week at school so she'll have ample opportunity to wear it :))


  1. I was just looking at the Chanel fall collection today and thinking those white "wrist cuffs" would be a fun detail to add. It looks like they're a little different on each jacket. Can't wait to see how you make yours!

  2. Your daughter is going to look so chic with the jacket, and the idea of a sleeveless silk blouse with cuffs is divine!

  3. What a treat to pop in and see how far you've progressed on the jacket, and see what you're up to. The pleats are technically knife pleats, but they are also commonly known as Fortuny pleats as that is the style of pleating that Fortuny employed in (whenever it was that Fortuny was designing. the 30's maybe?)

  4. You make such beautiful things and your life sounds so interesting!!Those pleats are to die for!

  5. I love the neck--thingie, for lack of the correct word.