Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goodbye Laguna, Hello "Baby It's You"

Sunset at Three Arch Bay, Laguna Beach


We're back from a wonderful- way too short- trip to Laguna Beach. We all love that place so much it's always hard to say goodbye. This time, however, we had urgent matters to attend to so no time to dwell on paradise lost:

The news broke today so I can happily announce that our musical, "Baby It's You", is going to the Pasadena Playhouse.

Here are some links to press releases from today:

We will have the first performance on November 6th, with the official press opening on November 13. This is just so cool :)) That theater is awesome, the most beautiful theater in Los Angeles. And the stage is HUGE; I'm so excited to be working with a Broadway set designer, possibilities are endless and my mind is swirling with ideas. Better watch out or I'll get dizzy!

Also, our costume designer is fah-bu-lous!!! Lizz Wolff did both our shows at the Coast Playhouse, and she and I clicked the moment we met. She has a perfect sense of color, texture, glamour, time period, and she's only done TV and movies before which actually was a big plus. Sometimes it's better not to know everything about theater because you can easily become entrenched in how it is "supposed" to be done versus having that freedom that comes with a bit of blissful ignorance :)) You all know what I mean right? Kinda like sewing isn't it!

And finally, thank you for all your well wishes and for your kind comments on the shirt. I will still be sewing (can't keep my sanity if I don't) and am presently working on a Chanel jacket for oldest DD. Cindy, if I don't get around to signing up for the Chanel sew-along just know that you inspired me, so thank you. I did my Chanel jacket last year, and, just like now, it got started when I returned form Laguna. It's something about that ocean air I think :))


  1. Congratulations and hoping the show is a huge success!

  2. Sounds like such a fun opportunity! And your beach trip sounds lovely and relaxing. Soon my time is coming....

  3. Wow! You have a lot on your plate! Congratulations on the great news. I will be following your Chanel jacket, and let me tell you that your first Chanel has been a huge inspiration for me!

  4. Congratulations! What a tremendous opportunity. I wish you the best for your opening.

  5. Nice to see oldest DD's face; I may have to sneak in a photo of my DD one of these days. Me too, I have plans to make a Chanel jacket for DD before she goes off to college but it will probably be more of a J.Crew-style Chanel, i.e., boxier fit, no quilting and minimal hand sewing to save time.

    And congratulations on the good news!

  6. Congratulations! This is so very exciting!

  7. Congratulations on the show's success.