Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flounc-ing Around

The flounce on BWOF from 08-2009-117, as done in the pattern, is too wide out on the shoulder so I'm playing with the neck pleat to make it fall more toward the center, along the button band. I'm using a stretch silk charmeuse, flat side out. The flounce edges was hand rolled, and I see that the left and right flounce move differently at the bottom edge so I must have done something wrong.
The bodice is BWOF 08-2009-103. I had to let out some of the front dart because it's very fitted, which is somewhat odd because the back is not. I'll chop off quite a bit of the length as well.

Just got the call from school that oldest DD has flue symptoms... :(


  1. It looks lovely!!!! Cant wait for the finished project. Love the fabric choice. S1's college roommate was quarantined last week for a confirmed case of H1N1. We know S1 will be next.......

  2. This blouse is going to be lovely. Hope your daughter's bug is a quick and uneventful one. It was that way for my grandson. Not everyone gets extremely ill.

  3. Birgitte - for some reason, I'm not seeing your pix. Sorry to hear about your daughter. The kids at my school are getting the flu left and right. In our county, they're no longer even testing for any other kind of flu since all they're seeing is H1N1. Many of my kids have been out for about 5-7 days. Make sure she stays out of contact with anyone for at least 24 hours after her fever breaks. Is she living with you now or still away at school?

  4. I love the flounce. Hope your daughter is okay.

    Thanks for your helpful comment on binding. I just bought Roberta Carr's book on your recommendation. I will use it for the binding!