Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rock Star Jacket Is Done

This is Jalie 2320, a truly great pattern. I drafted the lining per Kathleen's book. If you don't yet have that book, do yourself a favor and get it. It's worth its price for the lining/facing instructions alone.

Well, it's all sewn up, but the rock star wanted a whole outfit, so the photo shoot had to wait. She's at school right now, hopefully she'll be up for a performance when she gets home :-) In the meantime, here are some construction photos. This leather is super soft and quite easy to sew. I did use a leather needle at first, but after switching to a ball point for the silk lining, I found it to work just as well. I changed the front pockets since I didn't have enough leather; I made a single welt and silk pocket bags. I used tear away stabilizer when sewing with the metallic facing down, which helped the feeding go pretty smoothly. 


  1. Wow, even if the leather was easy to sew, it looks like it has no mercy for mistakes! The construction is fabulous, can't wait to see it on the rock star!

  2. This is looking seriously amazing - can't wait to see the finished jacket.

  3. Yes, me too, I'm eager to see the final result. Looks trés glam so far!