Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Elna

Allison asked to know more about the machine bound buttonholes. I just discovered this option myself, and it's a very simple thing; the machine stitches a rectangle automatically, no pivots needed. It's a great feature, and if your machine can stitch sideways, i'st very likely it has this option. The picture below shows my machine, Elna Xquisit II, and the bound buttonhole option.

For those of you who've read my posts for a while, you know how much I love bound :)) Bound buttonholes, bound (welt) pockets... It's just a nice finish IMO, and, although I love my machine, it only has 4 feed dogs, so regular buttonholes don't always come out the way I want them to. I feel more in control when I use bound.

This was the first time I made them on the sleeves- had to pick them for a Chanel-style quilted lining jacket cause I always want to make things more complicated than they deserve to be. And this jacket is totally undeserving. I love the fabric but it's bulky. DD wanted a shawl collar, but it is better suited for straight and collarless. But she's young, NYC is calling in the fall... yada yada. Jeez I feel old!!!

I'm not inspired by anything at the moment. Lots of beautiful fabric in my stash and yet... I'm finishing this jacket, then maybe the Balmain (for those who are visiting for the first time, here's one of the last pictures I posted: Balmain). I've done most of the shoulders and the outline on the sleeves, and it's SO bling I will have to wear a shawl over it or something or I'll be liable for a lawsuit from people suffering permanent retina damage... Some people posted comments about WHERE I could wear it. I honestly don't know. Maybe while gardening to scare off the crows. Only I don't garden. Everything I touch meets a fast and furious death... If you have any suggestions please share :))

And btw, remember last year when I tried to figure out/find the trim (see this post) that looks like a beaded rope? Well, I found it at M&J Trimmings while in NYC... It would have eliminated a TON of work, and the jacket wouldn't have been so heavy. Oh well...


  1. Birgitte- you can wear that beautiful Balmain jacket EVERYWHERE!!! With well loved jeans and flats, black jeans and boots, white jeans and stilettos, you name it. I happen to think bling is more versatile now than 20 years ago and there are no rules-you will have so much fun with it, I will be cheering you on!

  2. Holy cow--I didn't know that there were sewing machines that had that feature! Now I know what one feature to look for on my next machine! :)

    Rose in SV

  3. Balmain jacket- wear it to the supermarket! Wear it to P&C meetings! wear it every day. Why not?

  4. Perhaps M&J were reading your blog? LOL!
    Anyway, you can always wear it to a Hollywood (or NYC) party I'm sure.
    Now, I must check my sewing machine to see it it does what yours can do....

  5. Thank you for posting the extra buttonhole info. For sure my machine cannot do that, but I know what to look for when I next upgrade.

  6. Well, now ,Birgitte - that's a no- brainer. Wear it to one of the next opening nights of one of your hubby's fabulous shows!

  7. Seriously, with jeans you can wear the Balmain anywhere you can reasonably wear a jacket, like a chilly movie theater.

  8. I am so glad you have updated us on the Balmain -- I wondered what happened to it! I picture you as the type who would just put it on for any sort of outing! Maybe you could wear it to the Tony's!

  9. Oh my what a fabulous option, I just checked my Designer 1 and it has the feature :)))) I hate to say I've had my machine for almost
    10 years :} and have never noticed! Makes me wonder what else I've missed on this wonderful machine. Thank you for sharing this great information :)