Monday, December 28, 2009


Coco Chanel before 1914

Her profile as exquisite as the clothes she designed. All images are taken from the book I received for Christmas:

CHANEL, Collections and Creations
by Daniele Bott.

I love this book. The photos are gorgeous and there is so much good information. I'm also a sucker for bold quotations, which this book has in spades. One of my faves below:

Now I never need to make excuses, Coco paved the way. Brilliant!

A photo worth a thousand words
(or yards of fabric):
This is next on my list; a quilted lining in grids, isn't it magnificent!

How would you like to powder
you nose with little beauty?

Buttons. Priceless.

An illustration by Karl Lagerfeld.

Bring this one along for
your next manicure :))

The Camellia:
'There are a hundred ways
to wear a flower.'

I'm fascinated and spellbound. Chanel speaks to my soul. Next year I'm diving head first into all aspects, every detail. I want to be bold, fearless, put on my magnifiers and sew, sew, sew. I will buy fine sharp hand needles and silk thread in bulk.


The coatdress was a success- thank you for your comments and maybe your crossed fingers that it would fit :)) DD is 16.... just cut her own hair short... and dyed it jet black... Okay then. A picture could come later. Or not. And I thought it was hard to get myself in front of a camera. I will take a picture of the gray coat very soon. Remember the Dior coat? Never worn it, still has some basting threads in it, but it's done. Even have a review ready. Maybe DH will buy me some gray boots... we like to do our personal shopping after Christmas :))

I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas/holiday.


  1. What a great present! Can't wait to see what you come up with in 2010

  2. I have checked this book out at our library. I had a hefty overdue fine it too!! Well worth it.

  3. This books looks awesome! Sounds like we will be seeing some wonderful projects next year :)

  4. The book looks gorgeous.
    About her hair. Remember it's only hair and if that's all she does to declare her independence you've got it made.

  5. What a terrific coffee-table book! My hairdresser says "it's only 30 minutes from one hair color to another".

  6. I got a pair of Chanel cap-toe ballet flats for Christmas this year. Love 'em and will be wearing them everywhere. Chanel = classic.

  7. Wow, that's a fantastic book. You're right, that profile of Coco is wonderful. Such fine bones.

  8. Your book is such a treat. I would love that quote on my sewing room wall! Wallies, where are you?

  9. Now that's real soul food! What a perfect gift to stir your creative imagination (already an awesome thing). It looks like a phenomenal book.