Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Is Heavy

Think I can build some muscle wearing this :)) Should have weighed the front before attaching but will do before sleeves and the rest of the trim is done so you all can get a good laugh. :)) I'm almost done with the back stay, and then it will be on to the sleeves. Marji suggested to cut them on bias and I think that can work; they will look slender that way without compromising comfort. But some form of support has to be applied at the upper sleeve where all the trim will go and at the bottom sleeve as well. I'm also pondering if I should make the facings in canvas. That's what the original jacket is made from- something I found out too late. I'm using double wool crepe and live in Los Angeles :) Very clever, Birgitte!!

I'm also thinking about the sleeve length. If I do a cropped sleeve I'll be breaking the rules of proper design: jacket and sleeve hem should not be on the same line because it will make you look boxy. Me not like boxy! Also; being wool, isn't it nice to actually have a warm arm not just a warm body? What do you all think?

Thank you for all the nice comments. DD was SO enjoying them :))
Lindsay T; she couldn't believe her eyes when you mentioned Blair Waldorf!!! She thought that was soo cool!
Gry; Yes, I know exactly what you are referring to when it comes to Casual Scandia!! Thankfully, things are quite different here in Los Angeles, and DD dresses up a lot.
Cindy Ann; your "wild applause" made her burst out laughing!!
Rachel; the jacket is 04-2008-120, skirt is 01-2008-127, and blouse is 08-2009-103 with flounce from 117 from same issue. All Burda World Of Fashion Magazine.
Trena; you would be perfect in this- make it!! You and DD have very similar shape.
Uta; Yes, she wears these glasses when she's not putting in her contacts. Can't see a thing without them :))


  1. This is totally amazing work. I'm not sure if I would ever wear such a jacket, but oh I do admire it!

  2. Oh man, I just cannot wait to see this finished.

    Just me, but I'd go with the full length sleeve. I think {shrugs shoulders}. Are you adding the trim at the bottom of the sleeve? If so would there be enough "plain fabric" for the eye to rest well between shoulder and cuff trim? That was a lot of help, wasn't it?

  3. Fantastic. Do I remember you saying that you used washers for some of the trim? It's all pretty inventive considering how hard it often is to find equivalent trims. Are you keeping track of your hours? Or maybe you don't want to know!

  4. For me, I'd like the long sleeves...but hey, what do you like? Since the front is so heavy, will you need to weight the back so it will hang straight?

    This is a facsinating project. Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh man, don't take away from this "life" garment by doing 3/4 sleeves! it must must be full length! i wish you lived here!

  6. I agree that full length sleeves would look better. I love it and am fascinated to watch progress . Thanks for sharing . Could you interline the whole jacket with hair canvas to cope woth the weight??

  7. Cutting the sleeves on the bias is genius! I do want the final weigh in on that jacket, but it is going to be freaking amazing. It's cold early here in DC, you'd have plenty of opportunity to wear it on a visit!