Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pants To Go-Go

BWOF January 2008, style 110. These are sooooo comfortable. And, imo, stylish to boot. And into/over the boot. And over the shoe. Open or closed. Get how much I like these? The cotton/lycra fabric is very stretchy- and attracts cat hair and everything else like a giant magnet. But who cares, I'll just carry one of those roller-thingies in my purse. I didn't have to make major adjustments (see photos below, in no particular order), but the thing here is the yoke. Gotta be precise, mark and stabilize seams and points. I beaded the front zippers to add the "sparkle" and also attached my label in silver thread on the back waistband. I'm hoping these will go well with the YSL blouse, which I have finished draping. The fabric arrived a few days ago, and is washed and ready to be cut .

And look how they work with my coat :-)

Hugs and thank you to those who voted for me, it is greatly appreciated. We are going through a 'growing pain' period- those with past and present teenagers may know what I'm talking about. Nuff said. Sewing -and you- keep me sane.


  1. I am so happy I found your blog and so sorry I have missed it for so long. Your sewing is incredible and your new pants fantastic. I hear you on the teenagers - a mom to past, present and future!

  2. Well, I am so lucky (and I had better touch wood real fast), my teenage daughters give me only joy :)) And I do appreciate it.

    Now to the pants - they are just the cutest. Perfect with your coat.

    Your winning dress just so deserved to win. It is gorgeous!

  3. So happy the Sabrina dress won. And you look smokin' hot in these pants!

  4. Great pants! Oh to have legs that long! Congrats on the contest win. Your dress is fabulous and I am so glad you won. You certainly deserved.

  5. You look like a rockstar in these pants!

  6. Love the pants! You gotta love kids though- they treat you like a goddess one day and like a doormat the next! We were lucky that the the doormat days were few and far between here. Sending good karma kid days your way!
    Oh yes- and what Loopylulu said- Ditto!