Monday, January 4, 2010

Slashed pockets with welts

The coat I'm making for DD, BWOF 09-2009-146, has slashed pockets with welts, and I realized I've never done this exact style before so I took some pictures during construction. It's not much different than other welts I've done, but maybe the pictures can be helpful, especially to someone who runs away like Speedy Gonzales from anything that says slash!

My advise to newbies in regards to welts:

*Take your time to prepare.
*Cut everything with exact seam allowance.
*Mark all seam lines and start/stop points.
*Baste pieces together by hand along the exact lines before machine stitching
*Cut to the exact points- no more, no less
-it is helpful to use a magnifier for the last one:))

If you do this, the welts will be successful. It is so worth taking this extra time to prepare. The reward- besides fab pockets- is that you will embrace welts and include them whenever you can. And those 3 - 4 dots BWOF patterns? All yours, baby :))

Happy Slashing!


  1. Great tutorial! Thank you. I have done welts and still a bit nervous about them. And, yes, slash is not a comforting word when sewing a garment!!

  2. That is a beautiful welt. That particular pocket has made me pull my hair out more than once! Thank you for the great photos.

  3. By the way Claire Schaeffer calls these applied welt pockets. The key as you've pointed out is the shorter upper line and I have to say that I've seen Vogue patterns which print not just the cutting line, as Burda does,but the stitching lines too, show these lines as being equal in length. Pity the poor home sewer who sews it that way! It's a really nice tutorial for these pockets.

  4. Oh golly, they still look scary to me. I will practice soon tho so I will become a pro. :-)

  5. Great photo tutorial Birgitte!

  6. Thank you for doing this! I have a pair of Vogue pants that I have been avoiding making because of the welt pockets. This will be a nice reference.

  7. Thank for the tutorial. Happy New Year!

  8. Thankyou so much for the time you take to take all the photos and then to make these great posts. I really appreciate it as do sewists all over the world I am sure . I love you coat its a beauty.