Friday, August 8, 2008

Back Home And Dreaming Chanel

Well, I'm back from Laguna Beach- sorta. My mind is still lingering in the peace and quiet of Three Arch Bay. Hopefully, one day...

Caused a bit of inflation yesterday. Spent a good two hours at F & S Fabrics. It was a lot of fun of course. They have the best stuff. And guess what! They'll be online soon! You heard it here first ;-)

I have a wardrobe plan, inspired by the Pattern Review contest. I'll never finish in time, so I'll just go my usual slow speed. It was the jacket contest that caught my attention first. I have been planning on making this Chanel jacket for a few months, and this gave me the kick in the butt I needed. Even got a copy of Threads with the couture article off ebay.

As you can see, all the patterns are from BWOF, hence my fantastically lame title.

In addition to the Chanel jacket, here are two links to other inspiration pieces:

The second skirt is all in my head, and I hope it wants to come out soon...

The boucle doesn't have any pink in it, so I'm weaving in some strands of ribbon yarn and mohair. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I liked the Threads article, but was a tad disappointed that she didn't go more into details. Three-piece sleeve? I'd love to know how that's done. Where's the perfect location for that oh-so-important vent? And is interfacing not included in this exercise? How about buttonholes? Or loops?

I'd love your input on this. I tried reading the thread over on Pattern Review, but oh boy, that's a lot of reading!

Hope everyone's having a wonderful summer.


  1. I love the idea of weaving a pink thread through the fabric. The 3-piece sleeve is included in Vogue 8259, which is oop but still available from Unfortunately, oop patterns are not included in their sales.

  2. Your fabric and pattern selections are breath-taking! Can't wait to see the garments put together.

  3. Which Threads back issue do you have? There were two issues dealing with Chanel jackets. I took a workshop with the author of the first one. I think I have a copy of that article, ~15 years old.

  4. That plan looks gorgeous and you always make such beautiful things! I have posted a picture of the three piece sleeve jacket up on my latest post :))

  5. I know you will create something amazing with all of this. Like you, I am inspired by the contest, but will not finish by the deadline. Especially since I'm going to have to take my machine into the shop! I love your idea of running the pink ribbon through the boucle!

  6. I have made this jacket before and really enjoyed it although itis anenormous amount of work . I actuall conversed with Susan about the construction of the jacket as I want ted to know about any interfacing . She suggested silk organza which worked very well down the front openings .
    The 3 piecec sleeve referrs to a seam whic divides the sleeve cap down the middle to the wrist so giving a front and back upper sleeve as well as the more usual under sleeve . I used thepattern in Vogue for the red jacket in the Claire Schaeffer series. It has the 3 piece sleeve . I used the bodice too and just changed the neckline . This all worked very well and produced a lovely soft cardigan like jacket which is lovely to wear .

  7. With your usual panache and excellent taste I know you'll pull this off and that that skirt will find it's way out of your head.
    I'm not sure why the Threads article didn't deal with splitting the sleeve, but I'll send you some links to some of my pic's on how I've done it. You don't need a pattern for a 3 pc sleeve - this is an easy peasy split from the shoulder point to the wrist point, with just a tad of shaping added at the wrist.
    Oh, I just love your work and your plans.

  8. Hi Birgitte,
    will you email me at mlweaving at yahoo dot com, and I'll send you the links.

    A couple of reviews to check out re making the jacket are Phyllis' review and mine.
    Mine is the review of Vogue 7975