Thursday, July 10, 2008

Got Shoes- Where Are My Spanx?

I think I've finally lost it.
My good sense, that is.
If I ever had one in the first place.

I was gonna make a skirt out of this leftover piece of knit that I used for a top last year. My very first Pattern Review. Then, after putting together the parka... No no no!!! Unless, of course, I want to walk around like a giant shapeless blob.

The stiffness and airy bulk (?) of this fabric/design can only be excused by some super slender legs with no- and I mean NO- room to spare. That's when I got this brilliant idea to make a pair of pants in the same BWOF pattern I did my recent Black ones. Trouble is, I'm not twenty, and this is a knit (although it's got some kind of coating, no idea what the content is). So, before I complete my super-duper-tight-squeeze-your-butt-into-these pants, I need my Spanx. 

Funny how Bare Necessity (and I mean literally  as well, since that's where I ordered from) makes you stumble upon new inventions... After reading up on this stuff, I suppose I'm late to the party. Nothing new there. I live in Tinseltown, but might as well be in a shack in the mountains. That's how much I get around. Don't feel bad, I like I like. And when I do get out, like today, armed with a purpose, Rodeo Drive is five minutes away.

Waiting for my Spanx, I thought a pair of shoes would be a good idea. I was gonna order online, where I do most of my shopping. Even had a pair in my shopping bag at Zappos. Then DH walks in. I proudly show him my find, whereby he gets this look. "What?!", I say, actually quite irked since I thought I'd done a marvelous job. "They look too cheap", he says, looking over at the ensemble on the dress form. My heart sank. They were cheap, and that's precisely why I was proud. Go figure. Okay, I thought, you want sticker shock? Let me cruise over to Saks, Neimen, and Barneys. "How about these", I say, and he nods his head in agreement. Versace sandals, $900.00. "Will you be wearing them with other things?" ... Wow, he never ceases to amaze me. 

Bottom line; we went to Versace, they didn't have the same ones, but something equally glam- and on sale. 

So that's where I'm at: A pair of glorious shoes and a half finished pair of pants and a parka that still needs a zipper and a tie band. And no Spanx.

And no idea what to wear under the parka. Like I said, I may very well have lost it. 


  1. I'm going to quote Erica B. She told me, 'Spanx are the truth'. They do amazing things for a person. But, I think shoes from Versace would make me feel just as good! Lucky you :)

  2. Can you post a picture of the sandals?

    Did you read the thoughful dresser's experiences with designer shoes?

    See you this weekend?

  3. There is a Nordstrom 1 mile from my house with secret stashes of Spanx.

  4. "I live in Tinseltown, but might as well be in a shack in the mountains. "

    Change the location to London and you could be me.

  5. I have to agree with the Spanx endoursement. And they provide nice back support for those of us who could use a little help with that too. Shoes, well now, those sound nice.

  6. You're not getting away with that, girlfriend! You tell us about your fabulous shoes and then don't show them?? Give it up - let's see 'em.

  7. Oh who cares!! You have SHOES! Lucky girl :)

  8. Incredible outfits and impeccable workmanship - I love to visit your blog!

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