Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow and will be in NYC for a while. Staying in Times Square and DH (who's already there) is loving it, being back where he spent some of his younger days :) I'm taking the Balmain and beads with me, hopefully to finish. I already did the lining and facing buttonholes, so think I can manage the rest without a machine. The unfinished jacket will be going in the carry-on, I'm taking no chances :))
I hope to be able to post and catch up with everyone while there, but I can't be sure. And now I have to pack...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Skating For Real

DD has become crazy about figure skating. She's taking three classes a week and an additional strength/flexibility/balance class. That last one is HARD, it's one-on-one with a professional gymnast, sweat is pouring down DD's face... does that ever make me happy :)) Never has she been this determined, so of course I'm doing what any sewing-able mom would do: make outfits :) It's quite a change from couture, and I'm still figuring out best applications for all the stretchy stuff; as you know knit is not my forte. I have a serger but I've begun to use the sewing machine instead, following Jalie's instructions. It's much more accurate and simpler, not to mention less threading!

This first one is stretch velvet in neon pink and black/gold burnout velvet- and not stretch. The pattern I used is Jalie 2790. It comes with a straight skirt, but since the black wasn't stretch, I made a circular skirt and attached the black to a strip of the pink velvet. Also made the flounce narrower.

Balmain standing guard...

I used a super soft nude bamboo fabric for the back, still need to buy a closure for the neck.

DD just returned from the rink in her white Jalie 2797: A great soft spandex in a modern pattern, nude netting and clear elastic. She's also wearing a long tee in the same nude bamboo, no pattern just a rub-off of a tight fitting tee. I added some rhinestones to the sweetheart neckline.

I've made many more, just haven't had a chance to takes pictures. The long sleeve nude bamboo tee solved a couple of problems:
1. Nothing will itch :)
2. It keeps her warm without compromising style :)
So now this mommy can plow ahead, style, glamour and GLITZ ! As long as it will stre-ee-etch!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

This pair of Magnifiers...

... will go to:
Please email me at bjorum at mac dot com.

You are all so deserving, thank you for telling me what you could use a pair of magnifiers for. I love reading those mini stories, it's like peeking into everyone's sewing room, and in one case; kitchen :)) I'm using mine for all sorts of things other than sewing:
excellent for removing splinters
checking your child's eye for stray eyelash or the likes
checking for lice- yikes! (so far so good though)
... and how about reading that fine print on all sorts of contracts :))... Not so fine anymore, that's for sure :))
More giveaways soon, maybe even while I'm in NYC. Nancy K, we should definitely try to get together as well. Grace, I'm not sure how much, if any, of April will be spent there, but I'll let you know.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Giveaway & Progress

It's only fitting that this giveaway will be the amazing MAGNIFIERS from FireMountainGems :))
First of all, several of you posted your wish for this- thank you to all who posted, and keep them coming, post your wishes for giveaway here.
Secondly, my pair- which I'm still wearing as I type- is now my best friend more than ever, guiding my tired eyes through the beading. I have also placed several additional pairs in my basket at FireMountain, so rest assured, you will have plenty of opportunity to win :))
This pair's drawing will be Friday, February 5th, so leave a comment on this post if you'd like to be included. All countries welcome :))

*And Nancy W asked a while back if you can wear your glasses with the magnifier:
Yes, absolutely!

Below are pictures of the progress. First up, the paper pattern is pinned on the shoulder and thread traced.

The shoulders traced. I changed the angle of the sides later, tracing another line, more like the chalk line you see in the picture.

Here's the outline beading, and also the two curved silver beads and some stones. It will be filled entirely with pearls and beads, but not until all the outlining is done.

I hope to get this done in time for New York, but that may well be wishful thinking... If I don't, then I'll bring it with me and sew the rest of the jacket by hand!! I'm running out of the octagon rhinestones I use for the outline, so I have to pick up another batch at Berger Beads today or tomorrow. Wish me luck :))


And also, something I had been meaning to answer about my Etro-esque coat: Yes, I think someone could possibly wear it with black, or golden tones, but that someone is not me. It's due to the colors in the coat: Every single one of them is wrong on me, so black draws the attention to that fact in a bad way, and golden tones are another big no-no for my coloring, so that's like putting bad on bad... White is the only way I can pull it off, and believe me, I wish it wasn't so.