Monday, October 27, 2008

And we have a name...

Rosanne of She's Sew Unusual. Congratulations! You can email me shipping info at bjorum AT mac dot com.

Wish I had more of this to go around as all of you are so deserving. Maybe now I won't over-think when I see some fabulous fabric, just grab it. Living five minutes away from F & S Fabrics has it rewards :)) It's good to know so many share my taste, because fabric shopping is the only kind I truly love, and you've all given me the perfect excuse- thank you! :))

Cat And A Hat

Inspector Thumbelina

It's Monday October 27 and I'm as eager as anyone to find out who will receive a big package in the mail soon :)) I've written everyone's name on the same size/type paper. Those who know me will attest to the fact that I'm fair to the point of over-kill. Maybe that's why I don't gamble... As I write this I yet do not know  who's name will be pulled from the hat, and just want to thank all of you for visiting my blog. Like I pointed out last time, I do not have a huge amount of stash, but I think the idea of matching fabric/person is a good one so I will continue to do this when the opportunity presents itself.
And now I will ask my assistant to pull (that will be my husband, presently on the phone as usual)...
Stay tuned :))

Monday, October 20, 2008

Need Boucle?

5 yards/60 wide to be exact, and in one piece. It's gorgeous... coral pink, flesh, off-white, tan, gray, gold metallic... and deep, dark brown. That's right. Brown.

I bought it on Ebay and the description said Black. I don't wear brown. I like brown, just don't have anything in my wardrobe... shoes, tops, purses, belts you name it... Everything goes with black. It was advertised as a Chanel fabric, but who knows if that is true or not. To me it didn't matter, I just like it and it has the 'look' of Chanel. I think the content is mostly wool. It needs a dry cleaning cause it has a slightly musty smell as if it had been stored away for a while. 

This fantastic piece (which I originally planned to use for my Chanel jacket) needs to find a new home. I had thought to make a long, Chanel-esque coat- think it would look stunning and the yardage is there, but a suit would be fab of course.

If you like Chanel and the colors suit your taste/style/preference, let me know, and I'll pay the shipping as well. I'm just not a stash-kinda-girl and would rather have it out of my home and into yours if you really want to make something out of it. If more than one would like it I'll draw from a hat :)) Let's make the deadline Sunday October 26, and I'll post on Monday October 27.

And thank you for all the well-wishes on "Million Dollar Quartet". It's going strong with sold-out houses, and moves to the Apollo on October 31. We also had our very first preview of "Baby It's You", at the Coast Playhouse in West Hollywood yesterday. A fantastic experience. My little DD is now singing Shirelles day and night, with a few Chuck Jackson and The Isley Brothers thrown in for good measure...

Our girls, from left to right...
Berlando Drake, Crystal Starr Knighton, Natalie Wachen, Paulette Ivory

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We Have A Hit

Million Dollar Quartet opened Sunday in Chicago, and today the reviews are in.

DH and I started on this journey many years ago and it's been a steep uphill battle every step of the way. There were plenty of times when we questioned our sanity, yet our vision was steadfast and we carried on with push-through and determination.

When I first met DH he was making movies. But he was tired of the low expectation of content and characters that had been gradually seeping into the studio system. The new decision makers were either too young, flat-out ignorant, or both, to care about the output. And he didn't want to conform and make $300 million action pics where dialog is an afterthought and special effect is the star.
I remember well when he first mentioned American Hot Wax, the movie he directed about Alan Freed. We were sitting at the bar at Dan Tana's, our favorite hangout and where we first met. He wanted to make the movie into a Broadway show...

It was 1991.
That's how he is. Everything he dreams up is always way ahead of the pack. 
After we got married he still wrote movies, and sold them for good money, but his heart was elsewhere. In 1998 he began compiling material on American pop history. Having been the first to put a soundtrack of radio hits in a movie, Dusty And Sweets McGee, this was not a stretch for him. He grew up in Houston, Texas and the car radio was always on.

In the years that followed, American Pop Anthology was developed. I could write a book about all the characters, investors, con artists, we have served coffee at our house. Instead, I'll just say this: A lesser man would not still be standing. I often liken DH to The Little Red Hen... and I'm now ready for the onslaught :))
He is a genius. Those who know him well agree.

Congratulations, my darling. And on to the next...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Build-A-Blouse and Other Musings

There are presently too many ideas running amok in my mind, which have moved me to do something a little out of the ordinary (for me.)

Presenting the Build-A-Blouse:

It's like a puzzle and I'm having way too much fun. Visions of sugarplums and fairies, vintage grace and modern comfort. Individualism.

This whole couture thing has made me realize that I do love the itsy-bitsy details, and that hand sewing is my friend, not my nemesis.

Nancy asked a couple of questions in the last post regarding my skirt, and they were very good. Nancy, are you secretly reading my mind?!

"Is it comfortable?"
Yes. I made it a bit loose at the waist so I don't have to "suck it in", and can eat when I'm hungry :)) I can also sit quite comfortably without it riding up.

"Do you find that it fits your lifestyle and you have occasion to wear it?"
It does NOT fit my lifestyle :)) At least not my day-to-day living. I wear jeans and tees mostly. BUT... I do occasionally have to venture out "into the circles" so to speak, and on those occasions  I'm VERY picky. I want Barney's and Neiman's, not Macy's. I'm also thrifty (well, not at the fabric store...), so paying thousands for something I wear maybe a couple times a year is a hard pill to swallow. I've always been that way- in good times and bad- and it's highly unlikely that will ever change.

And... I like to be the only one with that exact outfit :)) Unless you go the highest price-point, we're talking waaay up there, that is nearly impossible to guarantee, especially here in Tinseltown. I'm pretty sure many of you have that in the back of your mind as well, maybe it's what drove us to sewing in the first place.

So coming full circle here; couture fits my sewing preference. It challenges me and keeps me extremely interested. I can buy jeans and tees for basically the price it would cost me to make them, and they fit me well (for now), so I feel I'd be wasting my time. I'll still make RTW when something has enough unique qualities about it to make it worth my time. And of course, for the children (well, one is fifteen so she won't be too thrilled with that label!) I will make anything they want- as long as I get to put my own spin on it :))

Its very liberating to know my motivations, and Pattern Review has played a big part in finding my way "home". Before, I never looked at my work, never wrote a single note, never took any pictures. Deepika has done so much more than simply asking us to review a pattern. She has created a database for us to store our individual sewing history, and I cannot thank her enough. Big hug, Deepika!

And big hugs to all of you too! Your comments and questions are so appreciated, as they are helpful, inspiring and encouraging.

PS. I just received an article about "Million Dollar Quartet" (still in previews at The Goodman in Chicago). Rock it out, Boys!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gucci Inspired Skirt

First off: Thank you everyone for comments on this skirt construction- I'm so happy to hear that some of my excitement rubbed off :)) The skirt has been done for a while but taking pictures is truly a chore isn't it! I dread it and put it off until guilt starts eating at me. 

A huge Thank You is in order to both Lisa Laree and Mary Beth for giving me a blog award. It is so greatly appreciated and I'll do my best to deserve it.

Then a clarification: The picture in the previous post shows the inside of the skirt insertion. The reason it looks black is due to the seam allowance that has been pressed onto the insertion, the black fabric lays over the pink.

Okay, here comes the pictures! I'm in the process of dreaming up the blouse to go with this skirt (a slight change of plans from the original inspiration blouse) so disregard the all-black combo I'm wearing. Notice the one-pink lace :)) I'm in that kind of mood.

And can you say VOGUE!!!... LOL

Some more construction photos...

Okay, time to write the review. That too has been done a while back :)) I usually write while I'm sewing. Do any of you do that?