Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well... I know I Said No More Plaid, BUT...

I had 2+ yards left so...

I made this skirt. It was really easy.

I used BWOF 07-2008-127, the same as my Gucci skirt. I altered it into a straight with side slits. The lining is patched because they didn't have enough of the gray charmeuse.

I off-grained the slits according to Carr's book and it worked great. The slits hang straight down. I added drapery weights to the bottom of the two front slits to keep them from flaring out.

I also used her hemming technique.

It's a good skirt and I can probably wear it many ways- including with my CLOGS! These Calvin Klein shoes look great but the heel keeps slipping up. I tried with those pad thingies, but it's not working. 

Thanks for all you comments on the jacket and also for DD's well wishes. She is up and running, and she signed with the agent. We're in the process of selecting a headshot from the photoshoot, and I will post it when it's done :))

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Forever Plaid - Not!

I like the jacket, but oh am I ever tired of sewing with plaid! I don't think I was made to work with so much match-up. I literally get dizzy from staring at all those lines...

As you can see the shoulders are a bit on the wide side. If there's a next time-without plaid- I'll take in the shoulder point. This jacket is pretty much straight out of the pattern. It's BWOF 1-2009-114B.

I took in some in center back to curve the seam in toward the waist, and also shortened the sleeve about an inch- I have very short arms :)) The sleeve vents with working buttonholes were also added.

This is how I'll wear it most often, and maybe a rowdy gray tee- I live in Tinseltown after all :))

The buttons are mis-matched to get out of the"perfect" mode...

I was planning to add my label and a chain at the neck, but due to the neck facing it just didn't look right. I love the piping and silk lining- don't think I can ever buy anything but silk for lining anymore, it just feels sensational.

The shoulder pads were customized according to Roberta Carr's book, and I really like this method. They shape so nicely and make the garment hang correctly without any fudging.

DD is feeling better, but now she has pink eye :( Giving her the drops is not a lot of fun... And I was planning on taking her picture since she has a meeting with an agent next week. With that red droopy eye I think I better wait :))

Here she is inside Sprinkles Beverly Hills, the hottest cupcake place in LA. The line outside is always long, so she got to wait inside while we were waiting in the cold:))

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

I'm really tired today cause last night was spent caring for DD. She has a cold and a fever and of course wanted to sleep with mommy. And all mommies know what that means; basically no sleep at all. Every time they move or make a sound, you're wide awake...

But I thought I better document a milestone; her first baby tooth came out February 1st. She was so excited- and pretty brave too since she more or less pulled it out herself!

And this is what we found under her pillow: a written note  taped to the tooth fairy pillow :))

We're late bloomers in this house; oldest DD was also the last one in her class to loose a tooth. Maybe we like to hold onto things :)) I sure want to hold onto my girls. I'm selfishly hoping they'll never grow up...