Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chunks Of Randomness

Oscar de la Renta, glass pearl ribbon necklace

I've spent a small fortune. On supplies. And I'm not a jewelry maker. Cindy Ann warned me, but did I listen? Oh no... Three days were spent adding items to my cart at Firemountain Gems. You know, it's really Balmain's fault!! All that research into sparkle- you know how I love sparkle! So I guess I'll be making jewelry now. And - hopefully- so will DD 1. Like the title suggests, randomness will be involved on ALL levels. I'm a structured creature (no news to those of you who've been reading the blog/ reviews for a while) but I like to break it up in the accessory department.
The picture represents the idea not the product. I don't want to knockoff anything, just study and be inspired. Kinda like how I learned to sew. Time will tell if it will work this time. But at least I know how to use a magnifier :))

Off to rehearsal...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Is Heavy

Think I can build some muscle wearing this :)) Should have weighed the front before attaching but will do before sleeves and the rest of the trim is done so you all can get a good laugh. :)) I'm almost done with the back stay, and then it will be on to the sleeves. Marji suggested to cut them on bias and I think that can work; they will look slender that way without compromising comfort. But some form of support has to be applied at the upper sleeve where all the trim will go and at the bottom sleeve as well. I'm also pondering if I should make the facings in canvas. That's what the original jacket is made from- something I found out too late. I'm using double wool crepe and live in Los Angeles :) Very clever, Birgitte!!

I'm also thinking about the sleeve length. If I do a cropped sleeve I'll be breaking the rules of proper design: jacket and sleeve hem should not be on the same line because it will make you look boxy. Me not like boxy! Also; being wool, isn't it nice to actually have a warm arm not just a warm body? What do you all think?

Thank you for all the nice comments. DD was SO enjoying them :))
Lindsay T; she couldn't believe her eyes when you mentioned Blair Waldorf!!! She thought that was soo cool!
Gry; Yes, I know exactly what you are referring to when it comes to Casual Scandia!! Thankfully, things are quite different here in Los Angeles, and DD dresses up a lot.
Cindy Ann; your "wild applause" made her burst out laughing!!
Rachel; the jacket is 04-2008-120, skirt is 01-2008-127, and blouse is 08-2009-103 with flounce from 117 from same issue. All Burda World Of Fashion Magazine.
Trena; you would be perfect in this- make it!! You and DD have very similar shape.
Uta; Yes, she wears these glasses when she's not putting in her contacts. Can't see a thing without them :))

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ms. Wintour's Assistant

My little girl isn't so little anymore. But she's still adorable, and thankfully, as sweet she always was.

A quick photo shoot before the sunset. She loves the whole shebang and so do I. It was also fun to make and not too much work. Not that I'm promising her another suit in the near future!

I'm back to the Balmain! Finished the front trim the day before yesterday and the shell was put together today. It's getting colder so I'm eager to get it done, can probably wear it to one of the functions at the theater, maybe even the opening but I'm not sure. It will look best with a pair of bleached jeans like they showed on the runway. Jeans and opening?? Like I said, not sure.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

That Was Easy :))

Especially if you actually post something instead of hitting the return key... lol.

What I meant to say was: The Cuffs and neck froth were fast and easy to make. There.

Below are a few details of the construction.

I promise promise :)) I will get pictures of DD in all this Chanel extravaganza, but between her butterfly lifestyle and my Monk-like personality, getting a photo shoot set up is, to put it mildly, a tad difficult. :)) But it will be done. The reviews are written as well, so no more excuses!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Neck Froth Lift-Off

DD is well again, thank you for all your kind thoughts. It was not the flue, just a cold. She's wearing her suit and blouse to Dress Up Friday at school today :)) Yes Nancy, she's back home and is going to a school in the Valley. I think she's very happy about that; last night she went to the dress form and hugged her new suit and then me. Nothing like a few years away to make you appreciate what you have :))

Neck froth:
I figured out, after some tinkering, that the edges of the pleats need to be ironed out to create the froth- gotta have that cappuccino look :)) The picture shows the top edges ironed and is just a test to see how much needs to be gathered and chopped off. The lace is also pleated (ready made from Mood) and the black strip is duchess satin left over from my Gucci skirt.

And the brooch. Isn't it gorgeous? I found it on If you haven't already checked out that site, do it. They have so many wonderful things, the majority of which is antique or vintage.

And thank you Marji; Fortuny pleats is the correct name for these pleats. Here are a few tidbits taken from Wikipedia:
Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo (1871-1949), Spanish fashion designer, famous for the Delphos gown; a gown based on the ancient Grecian style. He is also remembered for his brightly colored pleated gowns.

I appreciate all your comments on the last post; thank you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


This is an unusual post and I apologize in advance. But I have to speak my mind because I am simply enraged.
Certain people of the Hollywood elite has apparently decided that a crime is not a crime when the person charged is a talented member of their inner circle.

In yesterday's Los Angeles Times, Steve Lopez wrote a piece, which included part of the 13 year-old girl's testimony.
It will make your heart drop.
That is, if you have a heart.
And maybe, a daughter.