Monday, November 30, 2009

Top- Skirt- Coat

Well, the coat still needs buttons. The top is another tunic, using BWOF pattern 02-2009-110.

This fabric was gifted to me by none other than Richard, the owner of F & S Fabrics. Think I could possibly be one of his best customers? :)) He is a sweetheart, like everyone at that store. Love them all. It is a silk charmeuse printed in panels and no one could quite figure out how to put it together. The panels had words printed next to them, like "Tie band", "Front", etc. but no directions, or a picture of the garment came with the bolt. It was a little tricky to get the layout right, and I had to patch one sleeve at the bottom, and also take in the front pleat by 3".



Next up, the Big Bird skirt :)) I bought this last year as part of the mini wardrobe plan. That plan ended up a mini-mini-plan, I never got around to the skirt...
But I always liked the fun fabric so I took the easy route and made it as a simple pencil skirt, the same pattern I used for the Gucci knockoff: 07-2008-127. I lined it with silk charmeuse... what else, right! I also made this skirt in leftover houndstooth, the same fabric I used for the Chanel trim. Maybe I'll get a picture of that later; it's more of a mini cause I had very little left. But I'm thinking that the tunic would be a wild pairing with that skirt- notice the dash of houndstooth in the silk print ;)

DH just brought me buttons for the coat so I'll finish that off tonight I hope. It's a simple loose coat, nothing special. But it's warm, and that is something I can appreciate right now. When we go to Pasadena in the evening it's really cold, at least for LA, it's in the forties sometimes.

The coat I'm planning to make (as I mentioned in the last post) is a designer (forgot which one) ottoman, really interesting pattern, and not something I ordinarily would pick. But gotta be wild occasionally :)) And yes; the pattern drawing is missing a bust dart- what's with that?...

And I know, I know... several of you keep nudging me to complete the Balmain... And I will. I have to attack the sleeve; my nemesis. That's what's holding me back, just for now. Promise. It will need my full attention, and that's not possible at present. Right now I keep sewing because it's keeps me sane (and I like some new clothes to wear :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Coat with Lapels!

BWOF 12-2009-126

Just a quick post to show my excitement- BWOF finally has a coat pattern with lapels! I have about two years worth of issues, and this is first time they included this (at least in regular sizes.)
Lindsay T: About the Etro coat... yea, see, remember :) I wanna make one too, and this pattern is perfect!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Baby Has Arrived

The day of Opening Night...

It's been a long and winding road getting here, but- and I know this sounds cliche, but it's the truth, nonetheless- it has been worth every twist and turn. We began readings of this show many years ago, in a small 33 seat "hole in the wall" theater called the Empty Stage. We would invite friends and business colleagues and eventually, investors. DH began his career as a stage actor, but then spent more than thirty years writing, directing and producing movies, so the whole concept of live theater and "how it's done" was new, and- very often, full of misinformation.

One thing I should mention is that DH is not your typical "artist". He is an extremely smart business man as well; something he learned the hard way. Hollywood is ruthless, it's either sink or swim. The fact that we are here today, with a show that went from a workshop at a 99 seat theater straight to a 650 seat, is greatly due to his ability to combine art and commerce. One rarely survive without the other. And as long as you keep your head on straight and don't loose your integrity, it's doable and highly rewarding.

This past month has been an outstanding experience. Sheldon Epps (Artistic Director) and Stephen Eich (Executive Director) along with staff and crew, are a unique bunch of people, I tell you! The smooth, collaborative spirit that has prevailed this entire production is astounding and I feel so fortunate to be part of it.
Thank you!!!

And to all my loyal blogger friends: Thank you for still stopping by in spite of a very off-topic period of posts. I miss being able to get into the sewing projects I have planned, but hopefully it won't be much longer. The only sewing related aspects of my life recently has been collaborating with our fantastic costume designer, Lizz Wolf. Maybe I should do an interview with her? You all will LOVE the costumes- out of this world fabulous!

I'm leaving you with a few links in case you're interested to know more about the production:

Monday, November 2, 2009

So very tired...

Tech week is past half-time, and I'm pretty exhausted. Me and everyone else. The high octane mind power paired with stop and go motion is an experience like nothing else I've done. This is a big show in a big theater; projections, set, sound, costume, everything is big, and DH and I are doing our best to ensure the story and performers are equally big.

There is nothing I rather be doing in this world, theater is magical, and so are the people. Pasadena Playhouse Artistic Director, Sheldon Epps, is fantastic. He has created a home-away-from-home for us, and the collaboration within all departments is second to none.

Tech rehearsal- bring a flashlight :)

So, not much sewing going on. We've been staying at a hotel for the past few days to avoid the 45 minute schlep back and forth, a major deal when you work 12 hour shifts. I did get a LBD nearly finished but it still needs buttons and hemming. Maybe I'll get that done in time for the preview opening this Friday. The Balmain jacket has to wait, I just can't wrap my head around anything complicated right now.